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Our Vision

MateCrate makes professional eSports a reality for players at any level – our platform lets you set up your own eSports team, recruit matching players and manage your team easily.

Synchronized event planning, performance tracking and a huge player database are just a few of our highlights.

What does MateCrate offer for your Team?

A perfect tool for professional eSports teams and the players of tomorrow.

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Find matching players or teams within seconds and see all important information at a glance. Recruit players with the same skill, age, goal and complementary positions without writing huge forum posts. We do the filtering by language and server for you in advance.


Our interface design allows you to set up your own eSports team in under 30 seconds. Thanks to our connection to the Riot Games API you only need a few clicks for the whole creation process. Fast. Simple. Intuitive.


We store all applications of interested players for you, help you keep track and choose the right ones. Check their skill, preferences and performance easily in our app. Say goodbye to a crowded friend list.


Chat with your teammates, friends and even strangers without disclosing private data. No matter where you are, organize your next scrim session with your team or mates effortlessly.


Thoroughly analyze teams, mates or whoever you want. You will find information about preferred lanes, favourite champions, win rates, 'ELO' and recent activity. All data is up to date and every game is tracked automatically.







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Our Partners

We are proud of our partners and only work with the very best.

Our Vision for MateCrate::

The Teamfinder Tool is just the first tiny step and serves as a base for all upcoming features.
Stay tuned, it will be AWESOME!

Additional Features of MateCrate:

  • Fast Sign Up – Create a profile in under 30 seconds
  • Real Time Updates – New player data is updating in real-time
  • Spam Protection – Show your summoner name to your mates only
  • Detailed Information – Get all important information at a glance
  • Application Management – All applicants at a glance
  • For Android and iOS – Optimized for your smartphone

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Android version is coming soon

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